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PME Flower Pics Small Pack of 12


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  • Pack of 12 Flower/Posy Holders
  • Food approved plastic Flower/Posy holders for Sugarcraft flowers
  • Easy to use

The PME White Flower Foam Pad is an essential tool for cake decorators and sugarcraft enthusiasts. This versatile foam pad is specifically designed for various uses in cake decoration:


Petal Shaping: The soft, non-stick surface of the foam pad is perfect for shaping delicate gum paste or fondant petals for realistic and lifelike sugar flowers.


Leaf Thinning: It allows you to thin and texture sugar paste leaves, ensuring they appear natural and finely detailed on your cakes.


Veining: You can use the foam pad to create vein patterns on flower petals and leaves, adding a level of authenticity to your edible floral creations.


Support for Modeling: This foam pad provides a cushioned surface for modeling and sculpting edible figures, ensuring that your cake toppers have a smooth finish.


Versatile Crafting: Beyond cakes, it's an excellent tool for various crafting purposes, such as working with clay or other art projects that require a soft, non-stick surface.


In summary, the PME White Flower Foam Pad is a go-to accessory for cake decorators, helping them achieve professional results with sugar flowers, leaves, and cake toppers. Its versatility and ease of use make it an indispensable tool for anyone looking to elevate their cake decorating skills and add exquisite details to their confectionery creations.


Simply wash and dry the holder/pick, place the wires from the flower spray into the holder/pick and then push into the cake so that it is not visible.