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PME Glycerine 35g


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  • 1.23 oz - 35g
  • For use in Cake Decoration
  • E171 Free

PME Glycerine in a convenient 35g size is a valuable tool for bakers and decorators, designed to enhance the texture and flexibility of various edible mediums. This clear and odorless liquid is widely used in cake decorating to achieve smoother and more pliable fondant, gum paste, and other sugar-based creations.


Texture Enhancement: PME Glycerine is known for its ability to improve the texture of fondant and gum paste, making them more pliable and easier to work with.

Humidity Control: Helps prevent sugar-based decorations from drying out too quickly, allowing decorators to take their time during the creative process.

Versatile Application: Ideal for use in various cake decorating projects, including fondant modeling, flower crafting, and creating intricate details.

Clear and Odorless: The clear and odorless nature of the glycerine ensures that it won't affect the colour or aroma of your edible creations.

Convenient Size: The 35g size is convenient for precise measurements and easy storage in your cake decorating toolkit.


Usage Instructions:


  1. Add a small amount of PME Glycerine to fondant or gum paste and knead until fully incorporated.
  2. Adjust the quantity based on desired flexibility and workability.
  3. Use as needed in modeling, crafting edible flowers, or intricate decorations.




Glycerine content (Min 99.5%), Water (Max 0.5%), Suphated ash (Max 0.01%), Halogenated compounds (Max 35mg/kg), Heavy metals (as Pb) (Max5mg/kg), Colour (Max 10 APHA), Chloride (Max 10ppm), Conforms: Sugars, Alkalinity or Acidity, Aldehydes & Reducing substances, and Ester content.