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PME Icing Nails Set of 5


RRP £5.36
Now £4.46
  • Set of 5 Icing Nails with handle
  • Various sizes
  • Easy to use
  • Made from food safe plastic

The PME Icing Nails Set of 5 is a valuable toolset designed for cake decorators to create a variety of intricate floral and leaf designs in royal icing and buttercream.


This set includes five highly polished plastic icing nails, each equipped with a handle for enhanced ease of use.


PME Icing Nails Set of 5:


  1. Versatile Set: This set comprises five icing nails, providing versatility for crafting various flowers, leaves, and intricate patterns using royal icing and buttercream.

  2. Highly Polished: The icing nails are highly polished, ensuring a smooth surface for easy handling and precise detailing during the decorating process.

  3. User-Friendly Handle: Equipped with handles, these icing nails offer enhanced ease of use, allowing decorators to have better control and precision while working on delicate designs.

  4. Ideal for Flower and Leaf Creation: The set is specifically designed for creating flowers and leaves, making it an essential tool for cake decorators looking to add floral elements to their cakes and desserts.

  5. Perfect for Piping Trellis and Lattice Work: In addition to floral designs, these icing nails can be effectively utilized for piping trellis and lattice work, providing decorators with additional creative possibilities.


The PME Icing Nails Set of 5 is a must-have for cake decorators of all skill levels. Whether you're crafting intricate flowers, leaves, or lattice patterns, this set ensures precision and ease in your decorating endeavors.