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PME Red Cupcake Cases - Pack of 60


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  • 60 PME cupcake cases
  • Made from food grade paper - Approx size: 50mm base, 27mm deep
  • Cases have been tested and will keep colour after baking in a standard cake batter
  • Perfect for making cupcakes, cornflake and rice krispie cakes, little muffins and more!

The PME Red Cupcake Cases, available in a pack of 60, are a vibrant and eye-catching choice for your cupcakes and baked treats. These cupcake cases have multiple uses:


Cupcake Baking: Perfect for baking and displaying your cupcakes, these cases help maintain their shape while adding a bold splash of red colour to your creations.


Festive Celebrations: The vivid red hue makes these cases ideal for holiday celebrations, Valentine's Day, or any occasion where a touch of red is desired.


Versatile: These cases can also be used for muffins, small cakes, or other sweet treats, adding a dash of vibrant flair.


PME Red Cupcake Cases are an excellent choice for making your cupcakes and baked goods stand out with their striking colour. They are perfect for adding a festive and celebratory touch to your sweet creations.


Approx size: 50mm base, 27mm deep