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Regal Bouquet Boxes & Bows - Set of 6

Purple Cupcakes

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  • - Set of 6 bouquet boxes and 6 matching bows
  • - Cupcake bouquet box / vase with invisiTray™ insert
  • - Easily arrange cupcakes into a beautiful bouquet presentation
  • - No need for fiddling with cocktail sticks
  • - Decorate with bows and tissue paper to complete your look

Quickly and easily create cupcake bouquets with this box and insert set by Purple Cupcakes. The invisiTray™ insert means no more fiddling with cocktail sticks to hold the cupcakes in place.

This set of 6 boxes is perfect for Jubilee treats and includes:

2 x Purple Velvet Bouquet Boxes
2 x Gold Bouquet Boxes
2 x Vanilla Cream Bouquet Boxes
2 x Purple Quick Pull Bows
2 x Gold Quick Pull Bows
2 x Ivory Quick Pull Bow

Great for so many occasions and makes a great gift!

The boxes are easy to assemble; numbers are printed on the inside of each flap, simply fold these in order then slot the tray into the top. These can then be decorated with bows and tissue paper. Watch the video below to see how it's done!