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Squires Kitchen SFP Sugar Florist Paste - Holly/Ivy 100g

Squires Kitchen

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  • Sealed Foil Bag 100g
  • Non sticky and Ready to Use
  • Can be rolled paper thin for flower petals
  • High quality product produced by Squires Kitchen
  • Perfect to use with Cutters, Moulds, Embossers & Veiners
  • E171 Free
Gluten Free

Squires Kitchen SFP Sugar Florist Paste in Holly/Ivy 100g is your essential tool for crafting lifelike and intricate sugar flowers and leaves, specifically designed to capture the festive spirit of holly and ivy.


This ultra-fine flower paste comes pre-prepared, ready to use for your sugar crafting projects.


The resealable foil pack ensures that any unused paste can be conveniently stored for future creations, preserving its freshness. Additionally, this sugar florist paste is freeze/thaw stable, allowing you to freeze any leftovers for up to 3 months.


Known for its fine texture, the SFP Sugar Florist Paste can be rolled paper-thin without breaking, providing unparalleled flexibility in your artistic endeavors.


Achieve a flawlessly smooth finish on your creations, as the paste is crafted to enhance the professional quality of your sugar flowers and leaves.


The Holly/Ivy shade adds a festive and seasonal touch to your floral arrangements, making it perfect for holiday-themed cake designs.


With an extensive range of colours available, there's no need to undertake the task of coloring the paste yourself.


The SFP Sugar Florist Paste in Holly/Ivy 100g is ideal for use with cutters, molds, embossers, and formers, ensuring that you can easily achieve outstanding results in your cake decorating projects.


Whether you're a beginner or an experienced baker, Squires Kitchen SFP Sugar Florist Paste guarantees that your creations exhibit exquisite detail and a polished appearance.

Ingredients: Sugar; Glucose; Water; Maize Starch; Emulsifier: Cellulose Gum; Free Range Egg Albumen; Preservative: Acetic Acid; Colours: E104, E161b, E129, E133

E104, E129: May have an effect on attention and activity in children.

Suitable for Vegetarians and is Gluten Free.


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