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Sweet Stamp - Full Set - FROSTING - SMALL

Sweet Stamp

RRP £42.53
Now £39.38
  • - Customise your cakes and bakes with Sweet Stamp style!
  • - Emboss cakes & cake boards with personalised names or messages
  • - Set includes Uppercase, Lowercase Letters and Numbers in "Frosting" edition font
  • - PickUpPad sold separately and optional
  • - Not suitable for under 16s due to choking hazard

Get creative with this embossing set from Sweet Stamp.  Emboss beautiful personalised names on your cakes and bakes, using this Frosting Edition Embossing Set from Sweet Stamp. The Frosting SweetStamp set is a mini sized font and contains Uppercase, Lowercase, numbers and symbols.  Easy to use and paint, this is a great starter set! Use this Sweet Stamp set with various mediums, from sugarpaste, ganache, buttercream, modelling paste, flower paste and more.


The best part is that these set can be hand washed and reused, making them a great addition to your baking cupboard to be used with all of your future projects. This set comes in a handy storage tray to keep your letters organised and prevent them getting lost. Please note, this item does not include a Sweet Stamp PickUp Pad, these are sold separately. Approximate Measurements of the letters; uppercase letters: 12mm, lowercase: 10mm please note that each letter will vary slightly. It is recommended to only emboss lightly if you then wish to paint the letter, but embosser firmer if you then wish to fill with non-pareils, edible glitters etc.


The PickUpPad is optional, you can pick and press each letter individually,  but the Pickup Pad ensures an even emboss and more control over placement, especially if using on the sides of your cakes. Each set is conveniently colour coded and is complete in it's handy storage tray. You will find that letters are in alphabetical order and in the direction they are to be embossed in, meaning choosing your lettering is a quick and easy process. Should you need to use the same letter more than once, simply measure the gap and apply it individually by hand after or using the Pickup Pad. (Note: Some of the small and medium sets contain extra regularly used lowercase letters). To remove the letters from the tray make a ball of fondant tacky and use to pull out, another option is using a scriber to gently release, do not force letters using this method.


Top tips from AmyCakes the creator of Sweet Stamp: We recommend lightly embossing your letters, the deeper the emboss the harder to paint. If you wish to emboss deeper you can fill your letters with non-pareils, edible glitter, royal icing, piping gel or sprinkles.  When painting we advise to use the Sweet Stamp Professional Brush Duo (sold separately) or paint brushes with a similar quality standard and size. Take your time painting in your letters, it's one of the more enjoyable tasks in cake decorating.