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Sweet Stamp - PickUp Pad - Round

Sweet Stamp

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  • For use with SweetStamp embossers and elements
  • The PickUpPad™️ is Clear, foodsafe and reusable
  • Wash with warm water and dry with a towel
  • Measures approx 7.5cm in diameter
  • Handy printed marking to help you position your letters

Embossing is even easier and so much quicker.with these pick up pads. Emboss, decorate and present your cupcakes to gorgeous and professional standards, using this pick up pad made from food safe acrylic.  Use with Sweet Stamp products to emboss beautiful messages and patterns on cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more. This pick up pad has been specially designed for cupcakes and cookies, measuring 7.5cm in diameter.


This see-through Pick Up Pad allow you to see exactly where you're embossing, which can be so helpful when lining up lettering. It also comes with a film (peels off) with guidelines and measurements so you can arrange your letters and numbers with complete accuracy.  Press your shapes and lettering into your sugarpaste. Finish off your beautiful embossed designs with edible paints and or edible lustres dusts to customise your designs.