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Veined Holly Leaf Large Plunger Cutters (set of 3)


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  • Superbly detailed plastic cutters
  • Large Sizes: 45mm, 50mm, 60mm
  • Also available in smaller sizes
  • Great for use on cakes and cupcakes

The Veined Holly Leaf Large Plunger Cutters, available in a set of 3, are elegantly designed plastic tools that make an excellent addition to any cake or cupcake maker's arsenal.


Supplied by PME, a prominent name in the sugarcraft supplies industry, these cutters are crafted to ensure consistently accurate cutting, resulting in impressive final designs.


Versatility is a key feature of these cutters, as they can be used with a variety of cake decorating materials, including icing, sugarpaste, almond paste, marzipan, and even non-edible modeling clay.


This adaptability allows decorators to explore different mediums and create beautifully detailed holly leaf designs suitable for various occasions.


The set includes three large veined holly leaf plunger cutters, each offering a distinctive size for added flexibility in your designs. Beyond their precision in cutting, these cutters provide a canvas for creative expression.


Decorators can enhance their holly leaf designs by incorporating lustre sprays, edible dust, shapes, and glitter to achieve stunning and festive results.


Whether you are a professional cake decorator or a passionate home baker, the Veined Holly Leaf Large Plunger Cutters from PME offer a convenient and creative solution for adding an elegant touch to your edible creations, especially those associated with holiday or winter-themed designs.


In summary, these plastic plunger cutters from PME not only deliver accurate cutting results but also serve as a versatile platform for artistic embellishments, allowing decorators to elevate their holly leaf designs with captivating details and finishes.