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Wafer Paper Butterflies - Exotica

Crystal Candy

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  • Lifelike Edible Butterflies - Pack of 19
  • Made from wafer paper
  • Assorted butterfly sizes
  • Colour: Pink, Purple
  • Apply with edible glue

These beautiful edible butterflies have colours of pinks and purples on them and are such a simple and effective to decorate your cakes. Lots of pretty designs also available.


Made from 100% edible premium super thin wafer paper. Range of sizes in the pack - smallest: 6cm wing span, largest: 7.5cm wing span (approx)


Apply with edible glue or CMC plus water to buttercream, fondant, ganache for stunning results. To make your butterflies flutter why not attach them to some wire.


Ingredients: Potato Starch 92%, Water 7%, Palm Oil 1%. E150, E466, E555, E904