Bake the Season Bright: Homemade Edible Gifts

Bake the Season Bright: Homemade Edible Gifts

8th Dec 2023

Bake the Season Bright 

Homemade Edible Gifts

'Tis the season to bake and make spirits bright with delicious homemade edible gifts. If you're looking to add a personal touch to your holiday gifting, these delightful baked goods are sure to do the trick. Let's explore some scrumptious recipes and charming packaging ideas that will leave your loved ones craving for more.

Festive Sugar Cookies

Start with the classic favourite - sugar cookies! See our handy hints for getting the best results with your sugar cookies. These are the perfect biscuit as you can customize them into festive shapes before decorating. To make these into an extra special gift package them into a decorative tin, adorned with colourful ribbons and add a handwritten note.

Peppermint Bark Brownies

Combine the best of both worlds with peppermint bark brownies. Make you favourite brownies then top with a layer of white chocolate or, if you’re feeling very festive, swirl in some red candy melts and crushed candy canes. Package them in festive boxes or mason jars tied with red and white twine.

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

Everyone loves waking up to the scent of freshly baked cinnamon rolls. But why not make them ahead of time and gift them out to your loved ones? Nothing says Christmas quite like cinnamon for breakfast.

Savory Cheese Straws

Switch gears with savoury treats like cheese straws, a great alternative for the less dessert-oriented people in your life. Once made bundle them in parchment paper and tie with a festive ribbon, for an elegant touch.

Holiday Bread in a Jar

Consider gifting homemade bread in a jar. You can make it as unique and festive as you want, like cranberry-orange or rosemary garlic. Layered the dry ingredients in mason jars or other sealable jars. Include a personalized tag with baking instructions and the recipe so they can recreate the bread in the future. Bonus points for gifting a pretty jar!

Fruitcake Bites

Put a modern twist on the classic fruitcake by creating bite-sized versions. This is a great way to ensure there’s less waste as many people don’t fancy a massive chunk of fruitcake but would love a little bite to celebrate the season. Pack them into clear boxes with some scattered nuts for a lovely gift.

Mini Cupcake Assortment

Cupcakes are always a hit, and mini cupcakes give you the chance to try every flavour without getting full making them even better! Decorate with seasonal sprinkles and gift in a box with a windowed lid to show off your creations.

Remember, the key to making these baked goods extra special is in the presentation. Get creative with wrapping and packaging, you can even combine multiple types of baked treats into a hamper box. An added personalized note or tag will always make the gift a little more unique and heartfelt.

So, get ready to spread the joy of homemade baked goods this holiday season. Your friends and family will surely appreciate the effort and love baked into every treat. Happy baking and gifting!