1st Jun 2023


Pride started a year after the Stonewall Inn riots as a peaceful march in which people could express their sexual orientations, later it because a month of celebrations including marches which often take a political tone for current LGBTQ+ concerns. During the month of June, it is celebrated throughout the world even in countries where it may not typically be welcomed.

This June why not make some tasty to treats to enjoy alongside Pride?

Rainbow Ice Lollies

It can get hot in June especially if you are going to be marching around in a parade so why not make some ice lollies to keep you cool and hydrated? Get your mould ready then add your favourite fruit juice (or blend up your own fruit), freeze in layers if you want to create a rainbow effect or swirl together. Add a little extra with some pieces of fruit or for some fun a splash of alcohol – be careful though as alcohol can affect how well your lollies will freeze.

Rainbow Cheesecake

Once you’ve created your cheesecake filling split it evenly into bowls to colour before layering onto the base ready to set. For the best results use an oil-based food colouring! Or if you don’t fancy all that colouring and layering you could decorate with different coloured fruit to create a rainbow effect on top of your cheesecake.

Rainbow Cake / Cupcakes

The inside of cakes can be coloured as well as whatever decorations you have chosen for the outside. Thin cake tins are better if you are trying to bake multiple layers (especially in different colours) and as a bonus they’ll take less time to cook! Icing can be swirled together to create a rainbow effect and there are endless sprinkles and glitters to give an added pop of colour.

Cake Pops

Cake pops and cakesicles are an easy treat to personalise and really ramp up the decorations on perfect for celebrating everyone’s individuality! From using different colour chocolate for the shell to the various dusts and sprinkles that can be added on, make all your friends feel special with their own treat tailored just to them!

Whatever your plans are this June, here at VV, we hope you are spreading love and being unapologetically you!