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Karen Davies Mould - Palm Spear Mould

Karen Davies

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  • Palm Spears Mould
  • Mould gives you x2 different sizes
  • Create stunning spears for the top of your cakes
  • Ideal for use with Karen Davies Sugarpaste or marzipan
  • Instructions included

Palm Spears are the newest trend for 2021. We are seeing them at weddings, in bridal bouquets, home decor and now cakes.

This beautiful mould allows you to create perfect palm spears in sugar or cookie dough.

All Karen Davies Moulds iare made from high quality food grade silicone.  Achieve fantastic results with the instructions included in the retail packaging.  Before use rinse with warm soapy water and dry with kitchen roll for quick use.  Use a mix of Sugarpaste and Flower Paste with the mould, we recommend half and half and lightly dust your mould with cornflour to stop the paste sticking, once you've kneaded the paste in simply bend the flexible mould to get your new design back out.  Karen Davies also has her own Sugarpaste that you can use with this mould.

SKU: KD-245