Floral Cakes

Floral Cakes

10th May 2023

Floral Cakes

Boho floral cakes are beautiful and very fitting for spring and summer events. There are various ways to achieve floral effects on cakes which all produce different looks.

Edible Flowers

There are so many edible flowers that can be used to create beautiful looking cakes so long as they are clean and pesticide free. These include - violets, primroses, borage, nasturtiums, pansies, lavender, roses, calendulas, citrus blossom, lilac, honeysuckle, daisies, clover, sunflowers, and others. Remember to do your own research on specific varieties and to get your flowers from a reputable source.

Piped Flowers

These simple and elegant cakes usually consist of a pastel-coloured base with one or two flowers in a repeating pattern to create a pretty effect. This type of design seems to be increasing in popularity and is achieved using a variety of  piping nozzles.

Buttercream Flowers

For larger statement flowers buttercream can also be piped. All types of plants can be created out of buttercream as long as you have the right nozzle and a bit of patience… and the best part is they’ll taste delicious as well!

Hand Painting

Are you an artist at heart? Then why not have a go at painting your decorations on your cakes? Either using  edible paints or get a bit more abstract with a  pallet knife and some buttercream.

Dried / Fresh flowers

A nice way to add a floral element to your baking is to decorate with dried or fresh flowers that will be removed before consumption. The one thing to remember about doing this is when attaching the flowers to your cake make sure they are not digging directly in and that there is some kind of barrier whether it be floral tape, a pick or cake pins.

Sugarcraft Flowers

If you’re feeling a bit technical you could have a go at making your own flowers out of flower paste and wires. The only limit is your skills and imagination. You can find everything you need to give it a go in the  Sugarcrafting section of our website.

Wafer Paper Flowers

Wafer paper flowers are light and delicate, perfect for adding just a touch of decoration to a cake. With their thin texture many can be added without overwhelming the cake to build up to a dramatic effect.

Floral Flavours

Why not make the inside of your cake match the outside with a floral flavour? Lavender, rosewater, and elderflower are all classics. Or, add some poppy seeds for texture. Remember to be sparing you wouldn’t want your bakes to taste like soap!